I take fun very seriously. I split my time between exploring different kinds of exercise, hunching over my laptop while inhaling caffeine, and drinking delicious craft beer with my Ladies' Craft Beer Meetup. I used to live (and let's be real, sometimes still live) an anxious, neck-cramped, guilt-driven existence.  But I try to find the little joys in every day existence. And for me that pleasure lies somewhere between a long run, a tasty stout, a friendship full of giggles, and a liberating yoga flow.

I'm a freelance video editor and technical writer. I spend hours cramped up in coffee shops with my Macbook and noise-canceling headphones.  (If you work from home, join my Seattle Freelancers Meetup!) I've played with all the "ergonomic" tricks and toys. But spending 30+ hours a week hunched over a screen can't be reversed with 5 minutes of stretching. For me, getting blood pumping through my muscles (hello barre!) and a consistent yoga practice have revolutionized my existence. And I trained with Betsy Shilling and her myofascial release balls, so look for more self-massage in my classes too!

I'm not going to pretend I'm some know-everything, never-skip-a-run, #yogaeverydamnday fitness guru. It's called a yoga "Practice" not a yoga Perfect...And I think perfection is BORING. The fun happens in the mistakes, the sweat, the change, the never fully checked off To-Do lists, the late-night Netflix binges that inspire next-day run resolutions, the ice cream with friends, the first time you nail that impossible yoga pose, and the confusion when you can't do the same pose a week later. The learning, growing, loving, frustrating, inspiring, mind-numbing daily grind that's full of try-try-agains and fleeting happy moments. That's where I try to find joy! And moving my body is my secret spice to living a (mostly) happy life.

I have one more confession to make: I love rain. Sorry Seattle, I know y'all love to hate the rain. But getting my heart pumping on a cool wet day is a magical feeling.


  • Born & raised in Winston-Salem, NC. There's tar on my heels and Carolina in my soul.

  • Graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Film and a BA in English. I love when people scoff at my "useless" degrees and then I tell them I'm a video editor and writer now.

  • Took a 2 week road-trip from Austin to Seattle when I moved here in June 2016. Visited the Great Sand Dunes, Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and a bunch of small town breweries.

  • I'd rather bike or bus than drive a car.

  • I also love climbing and snowboarding.

  • I'm a total craft beer nerd. So tempt me with [any exercise] and a beer, and I'm down to hang out anytime! Really! Message me.




Sept 2017, with Betsy Shilling


Barre Bohemian teacher training - July 2017

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200hr RYT - The Craft of Teaching Yoga with Adrienne Kimberley

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